Mark Hanna is an artist with a passion for light, shadow, perspective and capturing an emotion.

He specializes in figure painting but sometimes breaks away into cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes. His work has won awards and can be seen in certain issues of “American Art Collector”. He is a current member of “Oil Painters of America” and the “Jackson Civic Art Association.”

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Mark Hanna

About Mark Hanna:

Sometimes an artist emerges early. Such is the case with Mark Hanna. As a toddler, he began by illustrating all the blank pages he could get his little hands on. Crayon drawings of Batman and Superman seemed to magically appear throughout his family’s volumes, from Dr. Seuss to the classics.

During these early years, Mark’s mother Sylvia, brought him to her painting classes. It was at these classes that Mark was first exposed to the unique atmosphere that enveloped the painter. The smell of turpentine, linseed oil, and paint, mingled with the chatter and laughter of the artists as they put their visions on canvas. These elements became a part of his life.

As a teenager in high school and later in college, it was drawing that became Mark’s focus, as he learned the arts of Architectural and Mechanical Drawing. These influences can be seen in several of his paintings.

As an adult, Mark rediscovered his love of oil and watercolor painting and joined his mother once again in her art classes. It was there that he was supervised and encouraged under the watchful eye of his lifelong friend and master painter, Lois Pahl. Lois introduced Mark to a variety of techniques and provided him with the constructive criticism a new artist needs. She helped him fine-tune and further develop his skills with oil paint. His unique watercolor technique was self-taught with some over-the-shoulder advice from Mom.

Although Mark has demonstrated a talent for many subjects, he prefers those with unique perspective, bright color, detail, and shadow. People are especially interesting subjects and he prefers them most of all. His paintings of people seem to capture the moments on canvas that we would all love to keep.

Mark continues to devote most of his free time to his passion for painting. When he is not painting, he devotes his time to his heating and cooling company, On the Mark Mechanical, situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you stop in, you will see many of his finest works displayed on the walls throughout his offices.

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